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When to come and how to get to Lisbon?

Lisbon is a year round destination, as the climate is mild and there are no extreme weather conditions. In winter the temperatures are around 9ºC - 11ºC. Last time it snow in Lisbon was 50 years ago. In the summer sometimes can be hot (28ºC - 33ºC), nothing that a nap after lunch won't help. The ending afternoon light is magnificent and warm. Sometimes the nights can be a little chilly because of the soft breeze from the Atlantic.

Most tourists arrive by plane, since there are several low cost companies flying directly to Lisbon, as well as the big ones. You also can take a detour a fly to Faro (Algarve) and than come by train. According with several of our guests this little it's very compensatory financially (some of them spoke of 50% less). There is also a train service from Madrid and Paris. You can get more information in our transportation section.

You can also arrive by car but please remind that parking in Lisbon is not an easy task. Only Casa Marquês and Casa Dominus are less problematic to park and for free. So we strongly recommend that you avoid bringing your car.


Getting around the city


Lisbon is well equipped with public transports and all apartments are very close to subway or train stations, buses or tram stops; as for tickets we recommend the Cartão 7 colinas ( 7 Hill Card ), it costs € 0.50 and it works like a prepaid card. It can be used in all public transports inside Lisbon (Carris and Metro). If you are interested in visiting museums and shopping than you have the Lisbon Card which offer several discounts and free entrances. However it's only valid for a limited period



The best way to find information and maps is the tourist post. The two which are best located are the one at the airport and the other one is at Rua Augusta in Baixa. Normally we also have several maps and tourist information in all the apartments.




Lisbon has a mild climate as mentioned before. You can always check current weather and forecast here:

Click for Lisbon, Portugal Forecast 


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